Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday Weigh In

I never did get around to posting about last week's weigh in, but the result was no change for me!  No punishment all week!  This is a good thing.  Of course I would prefer to see some loss, but staying the same is fine too.   I'm waiting for Master to wake up so we can get on the scale before I eat.  At least, I'm trying to wait.  I'm really hungry though.
Mileage totals: 
The week before: 17.5 miles of walking 
This past week: 3 miles of jogging and 10.2 miles of walking (edit to add today's walk).

The last few days I really slacked off on walking because Thursday I taught herding lessons in the rain for 2 hours.  That took away my desire for any more outdoors since it rained all day. 
Friday I did about two hours of gardening and yardwork.  I figured that counted.  The weeds were getting out of control.  Then of course yesterday, well, it was busy!

Edited to add:  I lost one pound!


  1. Ironically - i lost my fitbit somewhere in the yard during 3 hours of yardwork. Does it all still count if it isn't recorded electronically??? Good for you - sounds like you've been having a blast.

    1. It better count! I don't have a fitbit, but I have measured the roads around here with my car.

  2. It counts...everything counts......i love my fitbit.....keeps track for me.....Congrats on the loss...
    hugs abby


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