Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Eating Dinner

It is not a rule that I wait for Master to come home before eating.  

This means I and the kids usually get our dinner out of the way before he gets home.  While Master eats I often stand by to serve him.  I love this. He sometimes even eats one handed while fondling me with the other.  On nights like tonight, I'm wearing only my robe, having stepped out of the shower not long ago (was gardening, sheep herding etc. today). 

He has easy access and he pinches, prods and probes me until I'm a puddley mess.  He'll grab my robe and pull me closer if I'm too far away.   If his hand starts to head between my legs, I must spread them instantly, and I am corrected with "Wider" if I haven't moved them apart enough.

I'm allowed to kneel beside him while he eats, and then he looks at his computer stuff; I often switch to that position when dinner is cleared away and I won't have to be running back and forth any more.  Sometimes he pets me, but sometimes he pets the dog, who is also under the table looking for attention. 


  1. Blimey i have missed commenting, i think i prefer commenting that i do writing my own posts, its like a written form of voyeurism lol

    I like it when we get the opportunity to do things like that, which isnt often, most especially i love it when sometimes as im kneeling at his feet he will feed me himself, if he is feeling particularly in the mood to humiliate me he will put my dinner in a dog bowl..i used to hate that, but its something that i have got used to now.

    1. I love your comments!
      He has only done that once, with the dog dish (actually one that the dogs use, but I washed it really well). It was more difficult than I had imagined, but definitely a good thing.


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