Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Home Early

Master got home early today.  I had totally forgotten that he had a half day of work, so I was sweaty from gardening and mowing, and right in the middle of a work task I needed to finish.   He told me to meet him upstairs when I was done. 

When I arrived upstairs he had me strip naked, then he put his belt around my neck and went to the bathroom.  I stood there awkwardly leashed to him while he used the facilities, then he handed me the belt leash and told me "Hold your own leash like a good dog".  I put it in my mouth and acted like a pup.  I guess I'm getting into this pet play thing! 

 I said I needed to use the toilet too, and he took the belt back from me and tightened it on my neck as I sat down, leaving me just enough to make it there.   When I was midstream he gave me the cue to orgasm.  Ah, shoot! I find that so embarrassing, so humiliating.  I did. Then I finished peeing.

I washed my hands quickly, but once back in our room he looked at them and said they were filthy and I needed to wash them again.  There was ground in dirt from weed pulling which had not come out after several earlier washes.  Plus my fingernails were a disaster.  I went back and scrubbed, and scratched at it with my fingernail, but that one dirt spot barely looked any better.  I couldn't do anything with my nails, not having a file handy.  After the third wash he marched in, grabbed my hair, told me I was taking too long and pulled me back down the hall by my hair-handle.   He put me up against the dresser and used his belt on me.  It felt rather delicious.  He was smacking harder and harder and I shuddered with it.  He put me on my knees to suck him, and still kept slapping it hard against my back.  I shuddered more.  Then he pushed me gently down flat, spread my legs and began slapping more lightly all over my belly, cunt, thighs and breast with the belt.  I struggled to keep my legs opened for him.  Sometimes the knees they like to slide closer together and he'd kick them and remind me to keep them apart. 

He pulled me up and sent me to the bed.  I didn't have a spare blanket down so he smacked me with the misery stick until I managed to scootch over the side of the bed to run and fetch one. 

 I saw him pulling things out of the drawer.  Nipple clamps- no wait, they are going back in?  No, the nipple clamps are definitely out.   Leather cuff strap.  Paddle.  Spoon. 

He tied my wrists to the bed and beat my ass with the misery stick.  It was pretty hard and I felt the misery.  Then he rolled me to one side and did it on my hip as well.  I tried to move and wiggle and shift because it just kept coming down on the same spot.  That didn't work.  I tried to relax and accept and that helped some.  

He flipped me over and began fucking me.  He punched me in the chest.  I automatically tried to cover with my arms, but they were tied of course.  It was so hot. I was thrusting up against him, wildly lusting from the punching and slapping.  It was insanely hot.  

He called me his cunt and his fuckhole.  He told me they were all his holes to fuck and to use.  I love this.  I was all melty.  

He made me ask for the nipple clamps and tell him how fun they were going to be.  I did.  And weirdly enough I meant it until they were actually on and all I could think was PAIN in big red letters.  
He beat me all over with the spoon as I rode and fucked him.  I came as he removed the clamps.   The spoon.  My breasts, my arms, my face, thighs, ass, every where he could reach with that spoon.  He made me come in huge waves, as he slapped me on the cheek and pinched my tenderized nipples.  I was falling off of him with the orgasms and all, but he put me back in place.  He tied my wrists together again (he'd had to loose one to get me on top).   He smacked my cheek with the spoon.  Not hard enough to bruise, just to let me know, you know, that he could.

He tapped my closed eyelids even.  This is kind of freaky.

Then he rolled me off him and on to my stomach, driving into me hard and deep from behind until he came.

We must have fallen asleep after that because all of a sudden it was late.  As if that wasn't enough activity, we went for a 3.4 mile walk/jog together!   The jogging was mostly to get away from the mosquitoes, which are fierce.



  1. A random question, but would exploring pet play be something you would like to do more of, indepth?

    it appeals to me, but not so much to my Master, i just the objectification aspect of it.

    1. I really like the objectification part. It is also kind of playful. I don't know that I have a real craving for more of pet play exactly, but the amount and kind we do is fun. When we snuggle on the couch and he says he has his two best bitches (me and the dog), that's kind of the humiliation aspect too. Sometimes I have a real strong craving for the humiliation/objectification, whether that is combined with pet play or something else.


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