Monday, June 8, 2015

What A Day It Was! Part II: Canes

After a front and back flogging (and even her face, very lightly!) Socks took a break to sit and watch with Master. 

Dr. Peter began readying his canes.  

I was full of nervous excitement as I stood there waiting.   He put me on the picnic table on a blanket on my hands and knees.  He asked if I felt very exposed with my skirt hiked up to my waist. Then he began caning my backside and the backs of my thighs.   
I wish I could give a detailed account of every cane, because there were many, and they ranged from springy, whippy ones to heavy thuddy ones.  

Most of it felt extremely good, but it was punctuated by some extremely hard whacks (thus the marks), and this had me rocking the table, scootching from side to side in automatic avoidance attempts and nearly falling off.  Master came and stood nearby to make sure I didn't fall off when I started moving too much.   The knobbly cane was a special favorite.   When I started moaning in pleasure he told me I could orgasm any time I wanted, and shortly after that, I did.  Several times, if I remember right.  The knobbly cane rubbed up and down in a very intriguing way.  It got all sticky!

There were sometimes when I felt the edge being pushed.  The edge of what, I don't really know.  I just knew it was hurting quite a bit. I knew I could do it, and I wanted to do it very badly, so I rebraced my legs each time they started to make cowering/escape attempts. 

After one very hard series he began to stroke the welts gently, and something about the kind way he was doing this, after the all pain, completely dissolved me.  I began to sob softly and into my blanket, and shake all over, and that's when he decided to end.

I was helped off the table, wrapped in a blanket and Master and I sat on the sidelines to watch Socks get a nice caning.  So fun! 

  Master pulled me over his knee and spanked me, then fingered me and made me come so I didn't really see much of the caning.

After a while Master had me search our bags for the nipple clamps. I couldn't really remember where I put them, so this took a few minutes.  I briefly hoped they had somehow jumped out of the bag before we left home. 
I found them and Master attached them to me, then had me jump around and even do a little cheer, which was horribly embarrassing.  Then they attached one clamp to Socks and pulled us apart. Ow.  I do not like a game of nipple tug o war!


Some chatting and eating dinner, and socializing... 

Then Master and Saumya and I went to the back porch again.  We did stuff and things and there was a lot of naughtiness... Ok, that is for part three.   



  1. oh wow.....that was quick lol, i commented again on last post and this popped up!

    Do you have a preference to the type of cane you prefer? for me thick and thuddy is my favourite to start then move onto stingy.

    1. I prefer all of them except for the misery stick my Master has- it is very thin and fairly rigid. Thuddy is good, whippy is good, I don't really know other than that. The misery stick is good for its name- lots of hurt per effort expended.
      I did like the knobbly one quite a bit.

  2. Twunters, the knobby cane is called a Whangee cane ( that's the name of the type of rattan it is made out of).

  3. I liked the leather strap (?) too. I guess I left that part out, but it was very hot.


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