Monday, June 8, 2015

What a Day It Was! Act One.

Saturday was our play party/ outdoors in the woods munch.

Results for me:

It turned out to be a very busy and extremely fun day for us.  Master had made several play dates with friends.   He got home from work a little after noon and right away took me upstairs for a quick fuck.  I was horny and wanton since I'd been thinking about the play dates all morning.  I know he'd been thinking about them too.

It was very quick and he didn't come, just a little in and out.  He told me he wanted Saumya to taste me when he had her suck his cock later.  What they had arranged I wasn't exactly sure, but I got the impression she had agreed to be his sub/slave for the day, even to the point of CNC for a limited term. 

Between hers and Master's busy schedules, it had been since last June since we have been able to have any play dates together.  [Here] was where I wrote about the last time.

He told me what to wear: my mini skirt and white linen top.  No bra or panties.  I grabbed the toy bags, brats and pies (apple, pecan and a special strawberry one just for Mystique to take home) for the pot luck and we drove to the munch in his new car.

 I forgot to mention, didn't I, that he bought a car on Wednesday - it's a great little barely used Mazda 6 with leather seats... mmm, leather. 

 He told me to sit on the seat with my skirt up so my bare ass was exposed.   Very soon I had squidged a bit on his seats so he gave me a handkerchief to clean up.  I asked him if he would punish me for that and he said no, that would just encourage me to produce more wetness.

As we drove, I put on my leather collar, chain dog leash and ankle and wrist cuffs. I thought a lot about whether people in cars pulling alongside us could see what I was wearing.  Eventually, once we were on the back roads, Master had me take of my shirt.  I rode topless, but any time a car approached Master had me pull the shirt up over me like a blanket, at least up past my chest.  I still wondered what they could see. 

When we arrived, I bounced out of the car just as I was, topless, with a skirt that really didn't cover anything, especially when the wind caught it, my leash dangling from my collar.   I know everyone was looking and thinking "There is ksst, running around mostly nekkid again!"  It's true, but it's not my fault.  You can blame all my nudist tendencies on my Master.   But the exhibitionist tendencies, I will own up to those. If I have to.  :)

We unloaded our stuff, chatted with people and had a snack.  Master held me by the leash except when I was fetching his drinks. This is one of my very favorite things, the leash. 

After a while, he gave me my leash to hold, and took Saumya off behind a shed as my imagination ran wild about what they were doing and talking about as I waited for him to get back.   All the feelings from excitement to humiliation were running around my head.  

Master came back and after a bit more time he handed my leash over to Dr. Peter, which strongly symbolic action sent my head into pure sexual overdrive.  I tried not to show anything, but I don't know how successful I was.  Dr. Peter had been making plans for me ever since Master had told him I'd like to do a caning scene with him a few days before.  Other than canes, I really wasn't sure what was in store for me.  Oh, the anticipation!   

We went around to the back porch, which seemed to have all the conveniences necessary, and my Master placed the lovely young woman, Socks, face down over a picnic table with a spreader bar on her wrists.  Master made me be a useful cunt by having me hold the rope attached to the bar at varying lengths after stringing it through a hook on the ceiling.   Dr. Peter stood beside me, and occasionally he and Master discussed such serious topics as the French and English history in India, or the proper pronunciation of "khaki".   All the while Master was flogging Socks.  

Each time the flogger struck her hard my body clenched down below.  

To be continued... 


  1. OOh nice bruises, i think that deems the party a success!

    you cant just leave us hanging...part 2 now..patience not my strongest point lol

    1. work harder :)

      i have been checking fetlife to see if you added more there lol


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