Friday, June 19, 2015

Ladder Game

Wednesday we watched more Orange is the New Black.  I rubbed Master's feet until the kids' bedtime, probably an hour, then I rubbed a different spot.  He had me pulled down on his lap to suck him soon enough.

At bedtime I waited in my spot.  He came in, told me to get a paddle and return to position while he did one more thing, and he stepped out again.  I picked the small cupped paddle that lives in the bedside table drawer.   When he came back in he said that wasn't the one he wanted, and he up the heavy hickory cane.  He began to walk around me, tapping it firmly on the floor.  I just waited.   I wasn't bothered that I had picked something he didn't prefer.  He said pick, I picked, but it is up to him whether to use that or something else, as always.  I prefer the heavy cane to the paddle anyway, not that it would matter in the end.  He'd get to the paddle later.  

It is all about the antici...


The cane struck my rear and I grunted a bit.  More strikes, and also hitting between my legs.   

He moved me to the bed and switched to the paddle.  After a few dozen hard strikes he said it was time for the ladder game.  

First you go up the ladder:
One, two.
One, two, three.
And so on up to ten.
Then you have to come back down the ladder.

When my ass was thoroughly sore, Master used me quickly and then we cuddled up for sleep.



  1. Love these 'normal every day' posts ;-)
    No point in worrying about picking wrong...unless there is a consequence for not being a mind reader.

  2. Oh .. it has a name that game ;-) I like these kind of games.
    The 3 second out of the head calculations is a nice game too. 13 x 11 or 27 / 6 ... hehe

    1. I suck so bad at those ones. One time he was trying to make me do word problems. Fail! Fail! Hahahaha!

  3. I'm going to be mean here, and mention the fact that this reminds me of a vocal exercise where you go up a scale and back a la,

    do re do
    do re mi re do
    do re mi fa mi re do
    do re mi fa so fa mi re do
    do re mi fa so la so fa mi re do
    do re mi fa so la ti la so fa mi re do
    do re me fa so la ti do ti la so fa me re do

    At least there are only 8 notes in a scale. XD So...going up and down the ladder a few times.

    Also, my thought when you mentioned the cane "That's not a paddle..."

    1. I know, but we do have a long thin wavy paddle, so later on I was thinking he probably wanted that one. It just wasn't as handy as the cane.

  4. No, I just wanted to make her pick one. It puts her in such a lather. Which one does he want me to pick? This one? What if I pick the wrong one? Will he beat me less? More? Should I pick this one? I picked it last night...
    In the end, I use the implements I want.
    However, the curved paddle was just fine, and was used to humorous effect.
    DM, master of ksst


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