Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Gate Opener, a Service

Those moments of connection.

Doing little services regularly for my Master feeds my needs too.  It is an opportunity to have those succulent, luscious feelings at any time.  It doesn't have to be sexy services, but those are fun too.

This morning I went upstairs to be with him while he got dressed, as usual.  I knelt without a command and kissed his feet as he sat on the bench.  He told me to take off my robe and lie down.  He had me finger myself as he watched, then sit up and suck his cock.  He even briefly rubbed it between my legs, made me come and then had me clean him with my mouth.  Then he turned my head to the side and wiped himself dry on my hair.  All this in the space of less than 5 minutes.  

He is now having me come out with him to open the gate as he drives through every morning. Sometimes he makes me flash him, so he can see all my bits, but this morning it was so buggy out he just went with a quick kiss.  I enjoy being useful in a personal service capacity.   It is a good start to my day, and hopefully gives him a little lift also.

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  1. This is just excellent. I know exactly what you mean about being of service in something that isn't sexy on its own. When I'm doing the dishes now, I get an erection.


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