Saturday, June 27, 2015


Yesterday at 4:30 I realized I only had an hour to complete my writing assignment.  Master had told me I would be writing the de-virginizing sequel to my other story.  He gives me these assignments semi-regularly, but most of the time I just write them in my journal and don't publish them.  In this case he wanted it public.   The rule has always been that whenever he reads my journal I will be sucking his cock.

I took one of my own fantasies and applied it to the same protege scenario, so in sense it was all fleshed out in my head already and just had to be set down.  Only normally in my head I am the violated girl.  ;)  

When it was close to bedtime he had me strip and suck his cock for a long time; I don't really know how long.  Then he set about tapping me with the misery stick, but it was so light all over I wanted to fend him off.  So much tapping! Urg. Hate.  I don't think the hypnotizing he did was working really well, though I wasn't intentionally trying to resist.  He ordered me to get my hands out of the way and grip the headboard rails.  I'd been trying to fend off the annoying stick. He told me I couldn't move my legs because I'd been trying to close them.  Tapping, and more tapping.  Fuck.

I sucked him a lot more and he wanted me to come while doing so, but I couldn't.  He gave me a dildo, and then finally asked why was I not coming on command, was I trying to be resistant?  I said I didn't know, but that was very wrong, because I just didn't want to say what the problem was, why I wasn't really turned on yet.  

He just was being too nice to me.  He made me say it.  "I'd like it more violent, please" but it is so hard to say because I know how it could hurt and how I'm going to hate that it does, and how I'm going to hate that I asked for it, and even worse, how I hate that I HAD to ask for it. 

He flipped me to my stomach once again and beat me hard, 'til I was crying and wishing I could suck his cock again. Then he switched to the paddle, really hard again.  But when he was done I was happily wrung out, blissed in peace.  I was turned on and could easily have come as he fucked me from behind.  He didn't let me until he was finished.


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