Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Sunday morning we went to a bookstore and out for lunch.   I was wearing a sundress and when it got windy and the dress started blowing around I said to Master,

 "I hope the wind doesn't blow my skirt up".  

 He asked, "Why, aren't you wearing panties?"  

I said I was, but the backs of my thighs are all purple and red. 

He said, "Don't worry, if anyone sees and comments I'll just tell them that the slut deserved it".  



  1. This made me grin. Mine would have said the same thing and I would have been left half-hoping that someone would comment ;-)

  2. lol, i hate going out without underwear on, and thankfully he likes me in nice underwear, but the other day i wore a dress with no panties on (bloody thrush) so figured sunbathe in garden get some fresh air down there!

    On going shopping later, i was so self concious..even if no-one could see, i was paranoid about the wind!..alas no marks to worry about atm :(

  3. Master usually requires underwear when we are out and about but they are not allowed in the house at all. We still often have to do the bend over test to see if the dress hem is low enough to cover any marks. The warmer weather also puts a damper on some play which is a serious bummer.

  4. Panties are never approved here. Easy access is always a must!!

    1. I almost always wear panties, except for occasionally he says it is not allowed.


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