Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Caning We Will Go...

Oh, we had some rather exciting plans for today.  We were supposed to go to a friend's house and it was all going to be quite kinky and naughty, but she was sick, so we have to wait until next week.  We were all bummed about that.   He says it's ok, it will give him more time to plot with her (she is a Top) about what they are going to do to me. 

 Master didn't let it ruin his fun.  First he got me all roped up, collared and leashed, built a fire,  then we watched the rest of the movie from the other night when I fell asleep.   After that, he watched his Normandy movie, and shortened up the leash so I only had room to bob my head up and down on him. 

The Normandy movie didn't have much left to it, so before long he had me lie on the couch, put my legs up in the air and told me to "Stay". 

He went off upstairs, and I stayed.  My legs started to tremble after a while, but I told them to relax, and stay put, and they did.  He came back down with the rattan cane, and gave me some good whacks.   That part is so sensitive, ok, all the parts are so sensitive if you hit them hard enough. 

He took some pictures: 

He says this couch is the perfect height, and when we buy a new one we are going to have to test them out to make sure they are right.  This could be embarrassing. 


  1. Re the couch testing...
    Pics or it didn't happen :)

  2. We would have to ask the salesperson to take pics or what???

  3. You shouldn't give us challenges like that. I tend to take them just so I can say I did.


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