Saturday, November 17, 2012

Just a couple of holes

Master and I woke up this morning with some touching and fondling.  I stroked his cock, loving the feeling of it getting hard under my hand.  He pushed my head down for some attention from my mouth.

When he was good and awake he told me I was going to be just a hole, or two, for him this morning.  No longer a slave, wife or lover, simply a place for him to stick his cock and get off.  I was not allowed to ask for things, say anything, not even moan or answer questions. 
"Do you understand, slave?" he demanded.  

When I said nothing at all, didn't even look up, he said "Good" and proceeded to direct me and move me about for his pleasure.   I had some huge orgasms, on command (evidently this is a part of his pleasure- the pulsing sensations), but I made no replies to his questions, made very few moans, as much as I could stifle them, and asked for nothing. 

I love this sort of objectification, and he knows it.   I enjoy thinking of myself as his thing to be used for pleasure.   It's not something we could do all the time, since at other times he really loves my real reactions, and not having them stifled.  But every now and then he gets in a mood to just have some holes to use. 


  1. There's something deeply hot about objectification like that. Forcing her to complete silence or to only respond in barks or...whatever particular little fantasy may be rolling around in your head at the time. I agree that, generally speaking, real responses fuel me in an intense way and I covet seeing her buck, dance, moan, beg, plead and more. Every so often, though, a collection of mindless holes is just what the Dr. ordered. Nice piece.

  2. Thank you. I completely agree on it being very hot.


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