Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I'm feeling distinctly unslaverly tonight.  Today I worked, we came home, Master got the pizzas in the oven.   I washed dishes and did a quick clean on most of the house- picking up toys, vacuuming, etc.  
We also talked to my mom on the phone and he made a couple of comments to her that have my wheels spinning so hard they are about to fall off.  First off all, he thinks I never do anything except what I want to do.  Ok, I can name 50 things I did today that I didn't want to do.   I can name about 2 things that I did today that I really did want to do.  Evidently I just suck completely as a slave. Or something.  Also, I am a terrible housekeeper.   So now I just feel like crap.  He doesn't want to talk to me, tells me I'm being completely silly, he meant nothing at all by his comments and just says them to tease me.  I still feel crappy.  I should just go to bed.  It will probably seem better in the morning and I'll want to delete this whole thing. 


  1. He is a man! does that say it all lol

    Seriously though i dont think they really understand how offhand comments they make can really hurt when we strive to be the best we can, they may mean it light heartedly but its in our nature to be pleasing so for it to initimated that we are not is hurtful.

    It will all look better in the morning im sure.


  2. i hope you feel better this morning, but i would think it was kind of mean for him to do that if it was me, not to recognize all the things i was doing. And it would make me sad and feel like the whole "being a slave" thing was pointless. And it would bother me that when i said something about how i felt, that he didn't understand and just acted like he'd been joking.

    i'm not trying to talk against him, just saying i would feel the same way you do.

    Maybe he will see things differently in the morning? Maybe he just fell back into old patterns?



  3. Sigh--the offhand comments get me every time. I think their impact can be so much more brutal than they realize.

    We all have unslaverly days. The bright side is, they aren't every day.
    Hope today is better!

  4. I am misquoted here, and deliberately. Both ksst's mom and I agree that ksst gets what she wants. She knows her mind and works to achieve her goals, whether it was demonstrating to her parents that she was responsible enough to own a dog when she was 10, or joining the kinky group in this area, which I was initially (and wrongly) reluctant to do. There is no selfishness implied or spoken here. There is no hint that she will plow over anyone to get what she wants. I personally find it refreshing and attractive that she can state what she wants clearly, but whenever I say this, she acts like I am speaking negatively of her.

  5. I'm sorry, Master, I took it the wrong way.

    Your very apologetic slave,


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