Monday, November 12, 2012

Sending out

No, not for pizza.  

Last night we started early.  I promised not to scream.  I'd eat a pillow if I had to.

As I was stripping my clothes he told me to put on my leather collar.  I knelt on the floor, eagerly sucked his cock, enjoying the feeling of it growing in my mouth.  He pushed me down so my face was on the floor, my ass up.  He gave it a few experimental taps with the cane, and then some hard blows that made me squeak and jump.    He got the belt.  This seriously is the most entry-level toy we have.  And by that I mean something easy to pick up and use from just his normal wardrobe.   It  still can inflict pain quicker than anything else.   Again the few testing slaps, then some hard snaps.  I stayed still and quiet, waiting for the pain to come.  Snap! to the place where my thigh meets my bottom.  Snap! on the inner thigh.  Ohhhh gods.  Snap! on the lower back.  A few more. And then a few more.

He told me to stand up, and briefly flogged me.  This part was restful compared to the other. 

Foreplay done, he ordered me to get on the bed, face down.  I did, already gripping the blankets in my fists and pillow in my teeth.  He had told me that morning what he intended to do and hadn't changed his mind.   I was looking forward to it and fearing it at the same time, as I always do.

He used lube, he went slowly, and I imagined myself being open to him, imagining myself into relaxing.  Then when he cock was half in he ordered me to cum.  I fought against it, but came anyway.  I couldn't help it, even knowing all my muscles were going to tighten and send pain screaming through my ass.  I chomped on my pillow harder.   I bucked up against him, burying his cock deep in my ass.   He began thrusting hard, and I felt completely open to him.  It felt amazing.  "Come!" he commanded and I did again, this time not as painfully.   For a few more thrusts it was deeply and invasively good.  Then it began to hurt again.  I started begging him to come. Please come now, Master, please.  Harder and faster he moved, and went on and on.  I swear it was like a marathon ass fuck.   Finally I couldn't take it anymore and I sent my mind out.  I don't know if it was subspace, dissassociation, or zen bliss/ trance state, but my mind went away and took pain with it.  I was limp as a rag doll.  As he orgasmed he ordered me to come.  I did, coming back to myself and orgasming, just as he pulled out.   We lay cuddled together in a heap of blankets and total bliss. 

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