Thursday, November 8, 2012

A WOW day

This morning Master said I should wear a collar, silk robe, sandals and nothing else.

Mystique arrived and after the hugs all around, Master said I should take her coat. Instead she handed me the things out of the pockets- large carabiners and bandage scissors, after first putting the icy cold metal up against my chest.  Master pulled aside my thin robe.

I put the items on the table and Master ordered espresso and Mystique, coffee. I made both while they went to sit in the living room. I think they were discussing the suspension possibilities of the huge old ceiling beams in there.

When I went back to ask Mystique if she wanted anything in her coffee (all we had was milk or sugar) Master told me to take her shoes back to the kitchen.

The coffee was done, I served it, and he told me I needed to be naked and wearing a leash. I ran upstairs, shedding the robe as I went, and brought the leash back down. I was still wearing panties because I'd asked Master earlier if I could. Dang period, so inconvenient.  Luckily no one here was offended by a little blood.

He had me kneel at his feet after he clipped the leash on my collar, there was some chatting, then we went to look at the basement. 

  Master was saying it would make a pretty good dungeon with a little work. To demonstrate he wrapped the chain around my wrists, pulled them up over my head and pushed me up against the cold, crumbly stone wall. He slapped my tits, asked Mystique if she wanted to do so as well (she did- and flicked- fucking OW!). He put his hand on my throat and said "Time for your party trick. Cum!" Master had been teasing me on and off for the last couple of hours, but not letting me cum, so it was a really big one.

We went back upstairs and I again knelt by his feet as they sat on the couch. Mystique called me over and I went to her feet, still on my knees.  She had rope in her hands so I held up my wrists, thinking that was what she wanted. But it wasn't. Instead she bound my breasts into cupcake shapes (I was thinking it was a pity we didn't have any frosting). They hurt at first, especially when she put clothes pins on as well and wiggled them. Ow, that was smarting quite a bit, even more than the flicking had.    When the clothes pins finally came off the ropes felt pretty good just by themselves.

She told me to lie down on the floor, which I did, and she roped my knees in a bent up position, and tied my hands to them. They both went to work on me with various implements- canes, mostly, but also finger flogger and a wooden spoon- thighs, breasts, cunt, all got some attention. It was sooooo good. They asked me some questions that I don't really remember, but I distinctly remember Master ordering me to call her Mistress.

After who knows how long, Master told me to stand up, then had a bit of a laugh when I looked at my completely roped together arms and legs in consternation. I managed to sit, and straight in front of my face was a huge strap-on. My head was pulled in and I started fellating it. Ok, one more thing off the bucket list (the cupcake breasts-bondage was the other first for me). I wasn't sure I was doing it at all right, wasn't sure how best to give her pleasure that way, but I tried to think what it might be like and do my best. I guess it was ok because she came.   I also came several times, on command. 

Meanwhile Master was tapping my backside with the cane.

She pulled out of my mouth and sent me upstairs for towels and a wet washcloth.

I was ordered to take off my underwear and as Master sat on a chair I got in front of him, over towels, on my hands and knees. I was pinned between the strap on in my cunt and his cock in my mouth. It felt like nothing else has ever felt. It was fantastic being totally filled up and pinned in place that way. (Another bucket list item- check!). I can't quite decide if this was my favorite part of the day, or a little bit later. Anyway, it was better than I could have imagined. Both us ladies came. Women sooo have the advantage in the multiple orgasm department.

Mystique fucked me good and long. When they were done they sent me off to take a bath. I came back and I asked if I should get dressed. Mystique said "Oh, no, we're not done with you yet."


  1. i never knew a woman wearing a strap on could cum from some one blow jobbing the said strap on that has no nerve endings in the strap on, how does that work then ?

    1. The other end (the butt end) of it presses up against the right spot on the woman, I think. I haven't been on that end of it, but that is what I gathered. The technique is different for me, more pressing down, less working the end, to focus on the right spot.


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