Monday, November 19, 2012

Fixing stuff

"I'm not going to beat you like I did last night" he said.

Nevertheless, I have a pretty good new bruise on the opposite side from the one caused by the referenced beathing above.

It's completely true, what he said, that beating was entirely different from the night before.  He may not have expended as much time and effort on it last night, but what he did was very focused and plenty hard enough.   The opening announcement though, had led me to expect something very different, like maybe tender lovemaking (ha ha).   Well, anyway, you might be able to guess how I felt about that, and if not, I'll tell you- I much prefer the hard way. 

In addition:

I wanted to write something profound, or at least thoughtful, or even possibly slightly interesting tonight.  But it's getting late, I can't think of anything, and I spent most of the evening kneeling on the floor outside the upstairs bathroom, waiting for Master to have me fetch things for him as he worked on fixing the toilet.  So ultra romantic, eh?


  1. i think having someone able and willing to fix a toilet that needs fixing is wonderful beyond words! But you know, i had a bunch of years of calling the plumber.



  2. lol romance takes many forms!

    ooh i have nominated you for this blogging award thingy....see my latest post!


  3. It looks like the plumber is coming today anyway. After 2 trips to Fleet Farm and several hours work it turned out that even though he fixed one bit, there was still an unfixable (without a pro) bit. Dang.


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