Saturday, November 24, 2012

Can't decide

Today I can't decide if I should write the story of our last intense playtime, or just a "what happened today" sort of post.   Or something else entirely.    I'm in one of those terrible indecisive moods. 

So maybe a potpourri, with a little bit of everything, will work.  

After asking Master if it was ok,  and making sure I knew what his rules for the outing were,  I went out to lunch today at a cozy little home style diner with a couple of good women friends.   We talked about kink, and who is seeing whom lately, who is spanking whom, and who is a bottom wanting to turn into a top and vice versa, and all kinds of things, and ate some delicious chicken dumpling soup.  Also I drank way too much coffee.  I'd already had my normal full pot in the morning at home, and the very accommodating waitress just kept coming by with refills.  It was so warm and nice, the company so good, and it was pretty tasty coffee too. 

Afterward I went shopping downtown, celebrating "Shop local Saturday" by purchasing gifts in some locally owned businesses there.  

On the beatings front, besides a little spank 'n' sex this morning, the last time was Thursday (Thanksgiving) night.   Master again used the belt and the purse strap on me.  Next to the purse strap, the belt feels positively relaxing.   Afterward he was fucking me and he got that glint in his eye, the kind that says "I dare you to try to get away".  Being the obedient slave, I asked him if I should try to get away, and he said yes, that would be hot.   So I struggled and shoved, but I couldn't even budge him.  

He decided I just wasn't trying hard enough, so he gave me a challenge.  He wasn't going to fuck me any more UNLESS I could escape from him.  So, without actually trying to hurt him, which would be a no-no, I gave it a great effort and we wrestled all over the floor.  I couldn't get away.  Finally he said he would only use his left hand, and he put the right behind his back.  He still had me in a leg lock, and I seriously could not budge his legs.  It was looking desperate, so I pinched the inside of his thigh.   Just a little bit. 

This shocked and surprised him enough that I was able to wiggle free and dance across the room.   I was jumping up and down in a little victory dance when he pointed to the floor at his feet and said "Get over here and lie down".    My victory dance instantly turned into complete submission and I did as he indicated.  

"Now I want to watch you masturbate and cum for me", he said.   I asked if he would give me the command.  No, I had to do it all on my own.  I lay on the floor, him standing over me, and I touched myself and came within just a few minutes, maybe not even a minute.  Anyway, it wasn't very long.   

"You were imagining me giving the command to cum, weren't you?" He said.

"Yes, Master", I answered.

"Such a clever slave", he said. 

Not usually, but it's nice of him to say so.  :)   

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