Thursday, November 22, 2012


Well, I'm completely stuffed!  

We had a delicious dinner with some of our favorite people.   There was a mix of guests, some that we know from Fetlife/munches/kink land, and some from vanilla life.   Lots of kids, who ran around a lot and made it seem like way more that there actually were. 

Our 7 year old boy is now evidently "married" to their 9 year old girl, and their child is the 4 year old little brother, who they took outside and half buried in sand.   He (the 4 year old) was very impressed that our whole garden is just "one giant sandbox".   Yeah, we know, the soil here is crap.  We don't live in Iowa or even Southern Wisconsin with that good dark soil.  It is all sand.  

As they were packing up to leave, our son was begging "Can we keep her, please? Please?"   It was very cute. 

I hope everyone out there had an equally enjoyable Thanksgiving, or just a great plain old Thursday if you're not American.   

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