Friday, November 9, 2012

The pictures

From Thursday.

First, getting tied up, caned, flogged, etc. 

These are vampire gloves.  They somehow got left out of my story ( with a few other things) but they were used mostly for breast slapping and also some butt spanking.  I was deep in subspace at the time and all I can remember is pain and some confusion about whether the spiky tack side was hitting me or not.   After a few smacks with the spiky side it was hard to tell.  

The paddle with the heart cut outs makes heart shapes

Some of the toys that were used

Those whips did leave some marks.

I'm still just wiped out from yesterday.  My cunt is sore, my sides are sore, everything is sore.  But mostly I just think about how much fun we had.  Master had an amazing time as well. He keeps talking about how hot it was. 

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