Sunday, November 11, 2012

The eyebrow

It doesn't take much to dominate me. Not much time.  Not much effort.   Merely an eyebrow in this case.

He asked me a question.  I replied with a "Yes, that would be nice". 

The eyebrow went up.  

A hastily amended version followed:   "Yes, that would be nice, Master".

I think he's cracking down on this, because in the last 4 days I've had my face slapped at least three times for leaving off "Master" when he thought it would be appropriate (ie. any time there are no kids/ vanilla people in the room).    This time I only got the eyebrow.   Possibly only because I was out of arm's reach. 


  1. Crap they all get the eyebrow with the damn decoder ring? That is so wrong :(

  2. He hasn't shown me any decoder ring. Must be saving it for a special occasion.


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