Friday, November 2, 2012

Pork chops and Ruth Reichl

I have to apologize to the sexy Goddess of the kitchen, Ruth Reichl, for doubting her word on the cooking of pork chops.
I did the experiment last night.  One pan of chops I started with medium hot pan, and the other pan was completely cold when I put the chops in.  Amazingly enough they were done at the same time.  Then, at Master's orders, I split two pork chops and gave him half a cold start one and have a hot start one, and he ate them without knowing which was which.  Of course, I had to stand by and watch him eat so I could keep track of them.   He gave his opinion on the one that was most tender, and it was the cold pan start chop. 

So there you go, Science!  to the rescue.   


  1. So was the meat at room temperature or straight from the fridge?

  2. The meat was straight from the fridge.


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