Friday, November 2, 2012

Murphy and his damn Law

This afternoon the kids went to visit their friends and were gone all evening.  We had plans, oh yes.  We were going to leave work right at 5:00, go to the gym, work out, then eat a nice light dinner, and go home and screw like crazed weasels. 

Ha, ha, ha, I can hear you all laughing, or perhaps that is the ghost of Murphy. 

A very, very sick animal came in at the end of the day.  Master did the full work up for it, tried all kinds of things, but it was really too late.  

We left almost 2 hours late.  Starving.   I ate some of my "emergency cheese" from the fridge at work.   He decided to skip dinner and get straight to the fucking, so we did.  It was worth skipping dinner for, worth any amount of waiting.  The willow cane got quite a work out on my ass also.  

We finally had dinner around 8.   Now it's just about bedtime, and I'm really glad it is Friday.

1 comment:

  1. ooh. dinner is ALWAYS worth skipping if it means getting straight to PLAYTIME! glad you got your work out :)


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