Monday, November 5, 2012

Full of rapey goodness

You know the evening is going well when I've been thrown on the floor, begged him to stop, gotten slapped for leaving off "Master" from my begging, then raped in every hole and turned into a little puddle of submissive goo.  When he got up and left me there on the floor I felt like I was surrounded in a weird fog.  This lasted quite a while, even after I was up and walking around. 

It all started with a "You better get your sorry ass upstairs."

No, before that it started with an episode of Madmen and a rape scene with Christina Hendricks.   He leaned over to me and said "That really made you hot, didn't it?"  I couldn't deny it. 

As much as I want to be a good PC liberal, I still can't deny that it did turn me on.  Both watching and being done.  Of course, on Madmen is it just tv, and for me it is just being a slave.  If that helps at all.  Probably not. 

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  1. i have many rape fantasies too. they're delicious.



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