Thursday, November 8, 2012

I have a heart-on

Mystique said "Oh, no, we're not done with you yet." 

She got out the violet wand.   She zapped me with it, and then had me lie on the one end of it of the long cord attachment.  When in constant contact with me it didn't zap, but as soon as I moved it started zapping my back and I leapt up.  I really wasn't too keen on that.  But I laid back down when ordered,  with it firmly behind me, so now I only got shocked when touched by her or my Master.  My whole body was the conductor, so every where fingers brushed me I got zapped.   They were touching all over the place and I started giggling, then laughing.   It was overwhelming, but not really painful, just tickly and zappy.    I have to say it was more fun than at the munch, but I'm still not convinced is it actually FUN.  

They let me up and I got on my knees to suck Master's cock.   She was flicking me with a whip at the same time.  Now this I like.   He told me to cum.  I did.  She took my hair in her hands and used it as a handle to help him fuck my mouth.  There was a lot going on, he was fondling her, and what I mostly remember is the choking and gagging, and her behind me, forcing me down deeper and faster and harder.    When she took hold of his cock and balls and was jacking him into my mouth he nearly came, but held off.  I was gagging in a serious way now, and did not want to vomit, and I pulled back also. 

She laid down on the floor and I was on top, kissing, nibbling, mmm boobs.  So nice.   At some point (I don't know when) Master  kicked me between the legs.  That was good too.   He was fondling her as well.  She pushed my head down between her legs.   Ok, a serious bucket list item there.   I started licking, teasing a bit, the way I like it.  She pulled my head down hard and ground against my face.  Ohhhh!  I put a finger inside, kept licking.  She came, and I stopped when she signaled "done".  

There was more fucking, more beating, more sucking.  This little slave was getting pretty tired. There was a stream of talk from the two of them  the entire time: "You hole, you slut, be a good hole....etc".  It was very hot.

Then we went upstairs.  My hands were placed inside leather mitten cuffs and tied to the ceiling.   The real beating began.  Master on the back and Mystique in the front.   Just about everything got used- the single tails, dragon tails, leather paddle, several floggers, canes, it all quickly became a blurr and I went into subspace.  I think they asked me some questions and I mumbled something or other.  My mouth wasn't working right. 
When I collapsed and couldn't stand they untied me, and I sucked Masters cock, again on all fours.   Something entered me from behind.  I thought it was the strap on again, but she said "I'm fucking you with my whip".  I later saw it was a wooden handle.  Felt soooo good.  I was so out of it.   Then Master laid me flat on the floor and fucked me until he came.   They decided I didn't have enough marks, so laid on the heart paddle again to leave some nice heart shapes.   I have a heart on.  :)

Afterward, we cleaned up, I had another bath, and we went out to eat.  I still don't think I have quite recovered.    We must do it again soon. 


  1. I am still trying to put into words all of the erotic feelings I had that day....


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