Monday, November 12, 2012

Ask for an opinion, get an honest answer

Master made up a new song.  It goes kind of like this

 "Same damn spot, same damn spot, same damn spot.
 Everybody likes the same damn spot. 
Same damn spot, same damn spot, same damn spot.... "

and so on.  For a long time.   Each word of course in punctuated by a whack with the wooden spoon on my butt... in... the... same... damn... spot. 

I'm rolling around, twisting and wriggling, and he's still hitting his mark.  I was pretty near crying.  He's keeping his dick in my mouth, I'm trying to suck it but every time a hard one hits I jump away and then he lets me have a few more harder ones for stopping, so  I go back to it.    Then he pauses and asks what I think of his "Same damn spot" song.   Can I say "fine" or "good" or anything at all sensible?  No.

  I say "It's kind of monotonous, Master."  

"Oh really?"

And it starts up again. 

This is going in the "Things not to say" handbook. 


  1. Sung to the tune of the old Campbell's soup jingle-- mm mm good, mm mm good. That's what Campbell's soup is, mm mm good.

  2. I swear you drive the bus your hit by....

  3. Although, I have to add, the next time he asked me how I liked his song (last night), I said it was lovely, and I still got just as many more whacks just as hard as the previous time. I swear I did not have a smart alec tone either.

  4. Oh, there are always new things not to say anyway. I am not a fan of the same damn spot either. I had to go to the dr's today with a cane welt right between the fold where butt meets thigh......and yes it was that kind of appointment. Luckily the Dr. did not ask but I wonder if she would have if Master was not in the room.


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