Thursday, November 29, 2012

And part Two, in which I really do get the strap on and butt sex

I realized when I broke this post into two parts that the title of the last one was completely misleading, and I am sorry about that.   Tough titty, as they say.

After the saran wrap was cut, and the blindfold was off,  I flopped on the table in the same position, not really feeling much like getting up.
A few minutes later there was some prodding in my nether bits and the strap on entered my pussy.  This feels amazing.  I love it!  Fuckity fuck fuck! Oh boy!  After several orgasms we switched to me sitting on her lap and fucked like crazy.  It was brilliant.  Master got the lube and dripped it on my ass.  I was guessing at what was next.  First a finger, then the hook. In my butt.  Oh, now this was quite something else entirely.  Very, very nice.  Super intense.  I kinda like that hook.  

Master switched sides, and stood in front of me.  He held my wrists in a firm grip and encouraged me to fuck Mystique's cock hard and fast.  Now and then I'd get a command to cum from one of them, and I would.  We switched around through a few more positions until we were getting a bit worn out.  They put me on my knees and Master commanded me to suck both dicks at once as they stood in front of me.  This was also very hot, and I came once without even getting a command to do so.  Then I came again with the command. 

Master had me lie face down on the floor and put more lube on my butt.  He thrust in and paused for me to relax, then fucked me hard in the ass.  I didn't have to hold back on screaming this time, just let it all out.  It hurt, but it was a really good hurt, and then it didn't hurt anymore but was just really good.   In the midst of it all I briefly wondered what Mystique was thinking about all my screaming. She was lying next to me holding my hand.   More orgasms.  

Then he came too and after a bit of clean up we lay in a big pile of cuddliness for a long time and talked.  It was really, really nice and snugly. 

After Mystique left Master decided he needed more and fucked me again.  He came again too.  Then some more whacks with the big leather slapper Mystique had given him.   That was kind of owie, in a really good way.

Finally, the showers, of both kinds (wink, wink) and we went out for some lunch. 

All the emotional butthurts from last night have been replaced by the real, literal and very good kind of butthurts.


  1. My goodness. This has done nothing to ease the very real BAD I am suffering from, I hope you know. Nothing!

    But holy sweet fucking jesus does that sound fun! I am so jealous.

    You're a lucky girl. :)

  2. I know, I'm feeling very lucky. I was hoping some stories might make the BAD better.

    It won't be forever, though, then you will be back on your feet, er... back... or possibly stomach.

  3. "Fuckity fuck fuck! Oh boy!" I love that saying!

    Looks like you had a great time.



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