Thursday, November 1, 2012

Politics, sex and religion

My Master is of the opinion that the way to foil all these bogus pollsters who are calling us up with phone surveys on a daily basis is to lie like a rug to them.   I have trouble with this.  People ask me questions, I either hang up on them or I give the real answers.

Well, last night I got another call from a "pollster" (most of them are not real polls- they are sneakily try to sway your opinion with their loaded questions).   I started answering questions, and Master came up to me and commanded "Lie to them".    He stuck his hand into my jeans.  I gasped a little.

 I started making up stuff,  wild stories of political conservatism or middle of the roadness.   Why, yes, I'm thinking of voting for Romney; yes I like Paul Ryan (gag).   Ethnicity?  Why, I'm Hispanic (I'm not).  Religion?  Conservative fundamentalist?  No, I'm Wiccan. (I'm not)    I left just enough truth in there to be completely nonsensical.  Sure, I think Obama is doing a good job.  Last election, I voted for Ralph Nadar.  (I didn't) Now I think the country is going to hell. 

His finger was in my cunt, and he commanded me to cum.  I did, as quietly as I could.

From the phone:  "Ehem.  What do you think of Joe Biden?" 

"Oh, I hate him".     "Aaaah, Ow!"  He had pinched a nipple.

"Who will you vote for- Tommy Thompson or Tammy Baldwin?"

I asked Master "Who do we like?"   He said Thompson.

Speaking into the phone again I say:  "My husband says we like Tommy Thompson".

The polling lady laughed.  She sounds Southern, and is probably familiar with a few ladies a little older than me whose politics is dictated by the male head of household. 

He's made me drip right through my jeans now, and makes me cum again.  I don't think I'm all that quiet.  

She thanked me for my participation and I hung up.   Master said he hoped I was having fun since he wasn't going to beat or fuck me at all that night. 

It brings a new meaning to the term phone harassment.  

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