Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday morning routine

Tuesday tends to have it's own special ritual in the morning.   I don't usually work, and Master has to go in, but the kids leave before he does.   So that gives us a whole precious 15 minutes or so while he gets ready for work. 

As soon as the kids are off, I head upstairs hoping for some special attention.  Most of the time I get it.  He likes to have his cock sucked while he gets ready, while he brushes his teeth, and does all that stuff (not shaving, though)..   It's kind of hot for me too.    This morning after he was done with the grooming activities he told me to stand up and bend over.  He threw my robe up over my head, took out a hairbrush and walloped me good with it a dozen or more times.   I came. 

Then he had me lie on the floor and play with myself while he watched.  I think he meant me to cum on my own, but I didn't, I couldn't, and finally he gave the command.   He took me to the bedroom and had me get on all fours on the bed, and used the cane on my ass and thighs.  I came again, several times.  I was trembling when I got on my knees again to please him.  

It is always good to start a Tuesday with a sore behind. 


  1. I would gladly get out of bed on a Tuesday for that routine!


  2. Happy Tuesday! I have been coming from spanking directly as well... I find that interesting as all get out. Especially when masturbating isn't working in quite the same way.


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