Saturday, March 12, 2016

Beating for me :)

Master followed me into our room last night and, not waiting for me to get ready, gestured for my clothes to come off.   He quickly knocked me to the ground by buckling my legs.  I was holding on to him at the last second to prevent falling hard, so it ended up a combination of being knocked and lowered.    I'd already given him a blow job and he'd come in my mouth, but he wanted me again.

  He spread my legs and used the lighter to frighten me and burn some of my hair.  I could feel the heat but he didn't burn my skin. I could smell the burnt hair, though.  It's always scary.  He fucked me with his fingers and made me come.

He then pinned my hands above my head and fucked me, just for a minute, before telling me to stand up for my flogging.  The floggers felt really good at first, but quickly he was swinging harder so it hurt pretty bad, and I was yipping and dancing forward.  He grabbed my hair, shook me lightly and commanded "Stand there and take it, slut."  
 Ohhh!  Puddle girl makes a puddle.  :)

I stood still like my feet were rooted after that. 

He switched to his belt and gave me a good sound beating with that.  For the last part I was on my knees in front of him, sucking, and I could see his arm raising and the belt coming down fast and hard from out of the corner of my eye.   My head was all into warm fuzzy space land when he kissed me and shoved me toward the bed.  

I tucked under the covers smiling happily, thinking we were all done, but he wasn't!  He pulled the covers back and asked what I was doing, shouldn't I be grabbing a towel or did I want to sleep in a puddle?
There was still the fucking and the many orgasms, along with the boob slapping and nipple tortures to go before time for sleep.  

Such a good night!  Thank you, Master! 

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