Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Master of Bad Jokes

Last night the four of us were reclining in a post- beatings stage of lassitude, when he (Dom) made a comment about me liking to be beaten naked. 

Master replied "Yes, she is a wanton woman.  Or maybe a crab Rangoon."

  Oooh those thighs hurt.  Not as much as the front though.  The little speckles were from a wire grill brush. They brought out a little blood.

Today was just about the perfect day, along with last night.

Mystique came over and the three of us went for a long walk in the woods.  I ended up hugging a mossy rock and getting half naked (again!) and also a new handprint.  The picture may be too small to see that.  

An excellent soft mossy rock

Then later on, after Myst went home, Master fucked me in all my three holes very thoroughly, after humiliating me by making me pee out in the yard while he watched.  I am one lucky slave. 

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