Thursday, March 24, 2016

Naked in the Woods

Wednesday morning started with Master coming home and going straight to sleep.  He let me cuddle with him in bed (naked of course) for a few minutes before sending me out. 

When he got up he spent much of the day teasing me, giving me little touches, or harder touches, which kept me on a high arousal level the whole time.   

Eventually he took me upstairs and had me strip and suck him.  He beat me with the misery stick then laid me on my back and put the lighter between my legs.  Click. Click. Click.  He fucked me briefly, just enough to get me really excited.  Then he stopped.  It was time for our walk.  

A big snow storm was predicted to arrive any minute.  It was cold and windy, but no snow yet, so this was our last chance to walk for a while. 
In the park down the road from us, we walked way back into the woods. I'm not even sure we were in the park still, as that part wasn't sign posted.  There are huge granite rocks and huge old oak trees scattered through the more scrubby brush areas and among the pine plantations.  He scouted out many locations for future debauchery when it gets a bit warmer (then we have to deal with ticks, but so it goes).  

He found this spot:

He had me strip and pose for a few shots, but I was freezing so he let me get dressed again pretty quickly.  He hit me a few times playfully with a branch, and then we continued our walk.  

And then I had to wait again.  For hours.

Later that night I finally enticed him upstairs and begged him to fuck me, which he did, plus he made me all sore in all my bits: breasts, cunt, thighs- they all remind me of him now.  I had several of those "OH FUCK" crazy strong orgasms. 

Then the blizzard finally started. Well, I don't know if I'd really call it a blizzard, but we did get at least 6 inches over night. 


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    1. There was nobody out that day! I think we had a better chance of seeing a bear or coyote than another person.


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