Monday, March 7, 2016

TMI Tuesday: Sexual Confessions

1) Have you ever devoted an entire day to sex and sexual activity (with breaks for eating, etc)? Was it planned or spontaneous? Any kinky fun?

Yes!  Sometimes whole weekends, too.  If we go to an event, I count that, because we don't go just to watch, and there is lots of kinky fun going on the whole time.  

 There was one day when it was just sex, back when we were much younger, and I still have fond memories of that day.  It wasn't really planned, but after the first few times, we decided to go for a record.  By the end of the day we'd had sex eight times.  And that meant 8 orgasms for him, not just sticking it in and pulling it out.   So that's our record.   We were both sore by the end of that marathon!

2. Have you had sex simultaneously with two or more people in a private residence? Did you know them well or was it a setup casual encounter?

Yes, I have.   Did I know them well?  That's a question I don't know how to answer.  Kinda, sorta, maybe, some of them but others not so well?  We weren't "dating", so it was casual that way.  But it wasn't a just have sex and then never see them again thing either (well, I've done that too, but not in a private residence).  
 If  you have been reading for a while I've written about it here.

3. Have you gone out in public wearing an anal plug or vibrator device?

No, I never have.  Surprised?  I am too I guess.  I've gone out in public wearing a leash, wearing rope, but never any insertables.

4. Have you ever fantasized about or practiced orgasm control/denial

Yes, we do that.  I never fantasized about it, but we like it.   It is much more about his control than denial.  Neither of us are at all into denial, so if he denies me it is generally only for a short time.  I think the most was three days.

5. Do you like being called dirty names during sex? What names get you off the best?

Oh heck yeah.  That is really good for me.  I like being called degrading names. My Master does it all the time.  My absolute hottest one is during sex he'll sometimes tell me that I'm nothing but a used tissue for him to masturbate into.  A dirty, nasty tissue.  It is gross, yes, but it hits my buttons in a big way.  The more typical ones: whore, slut, hole etc.   I really like being his hole. 

Bonus:  I have no bonus.  I confess nothing!

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  1. Hi there, ancilla, I've been wondering for some time: Exactly how do you go about training/being trained to orgasm on command? How long does it take? Is it really true that this made you more/multiply orgasmic?


    1. Actually, the multi orgasmic part came first. I would think it is much easier to train someone that already has lots of easily produced, predictably produced orgasms than someone who only has one, and only with some difficulty. For us, it took about a week, and that was of several times a day practice. First he figured out how to give me an orgasm, then as I was having it, he put two triggering touches on me and gave the command. After several repetitions of that, he started doing the triggering touches, I'd start to come, and he'd give the command. After many repetitions of that, he started giving the command at the same time as the triggering touches. Then gradually he faded out first one triggering touch and then the other until he was left with only the command. I have been through regular retraining as sometimes it doesn't work- going back to some of the touches and stimulation and retraining will fix that.

  2. I love your answer to #5. I love dirty talk but its a bit of a minefield with my wife. Say the wrong word or at the wrong time and it blows up in your face.

  3. We loved reading your answers, and number three really resonated, especially inasmuch as Jill has gone out with insertables inserted (both kinds). However I suspect she'd never dream of going out in a collar, leash, or other accoutrement that was visible, because given her profession (and her social circle) there would almost certainly be unwelcome consequences. But a butt plug's just fine, because should she run into a co-worker they'd never see it. :)

    1. We also have to be somewhat discreet. I put clothes or a heavy coat over the ropes/leash, unless we are at a kink event, and then anything goes, let it all hang out.


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