Friday, March 18, 2016

Tied and Helpless

Last night Master came home so horny he could barely keep his hands off me.  Sneaking into the kitchen to grab me where no one could see...

Finally at bed time he had me rub his feet, and suck his cock, before caning me and then sending me to bed.  He took the leather strap from my wrist (I'm still wearing it) and changed it into the cuffs that it so handily provides.  Then he took our old leather strap and tied my ankles together. Pulling my feet up to his shoulder, he took me like that.  He slapped me and told me he was taking me whether I wanted or no.  He told me to say no to him.  I did that, and then he slapped me harder and told me "Take it, bitch.  Cunt. You have no choice."   (not that I want a choice, shhhhhh, don't tell).

He ground the vibrator into my cunt and made me come over and over.  I was getting really sore, but I just kept coming and grinding into it.  It's still sore today, but in that really pleasant way that turns me on all over again.  

He pulled out the nipple clamps, attached them and held the chain up.  When he removed them he let me come.

He took off the restraints, then had me ride on top, fucking him, and he put the clamps back on.  He wanted me to really bounce, which hurt with the clamps bouncing around, tugging my poor nipples.  He wanted me to make him come that way, and I did.

Then he rolled me over and gave me a thorough spanking with the cane, the paddle, then cane again, and then the far more painful misery stick.  And after that, more caning, which felt positively peaceful compared to the aptly named misery stick.

My nipples are still quite sore, as I found out when he was pinching them today, and of course the poor cunt, abused by vibrator-enjoyment.  :)


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