Friday, March 11, 2016

Questions From An Annonymous Reader

They asked:
 I was wondering if your play ever consists of piss play or ass to mouth etc....specifically things that risk infection, and with his background as a vet, if he takes any certain precautions with these. Or maybe that's just not his style of kink? Also you mentioned a daily ritual and I wondered if you could share an example of that. Also what is the one thing you wish you could change or find difficult. Are you both animal lovers and are the animals you currently have pets or farm type on animals?

Yes, we do piss play quite often, generally with him marking me in the shower.  Back when the weather was good sometimes he would take me out and make me go in the yard.   Urine is fairly safe as far as things to get in your mouth go.
Ass to mouth is not one of his favorites to demand, but he has had me do it a couple times- to prove a point, possibly, or enforce our respective statuses.  Not that it was a punishment, they were just "You'll do this now" moments.  But it isn't a regular thing here.   I have no yea or nay feelings on that.  I just did it without thinking about it.

I guess he feels, like I do, that all of us are getting a little bacteria with our daily life anyway, and that's what we have immune systems for. 

One of our daily rituals is that I kneel on the floor after he has sent me to the bedroom, and I wait for him to get there.  Then he lets me get in bed, if he's not going to beat me, and snaps the leash on my collar.  He asks if I have done all my tasks for the day.  If there is anything we need to talk about that is a good time to do it.  There used to be a more formal question/answer session at that time, but it has been abbreviated with time since we both know what sorts of things I should bring up. 

One thing I wish to change or find difficult?  This is the hardest question.  I guess most difficult for me is "topping".  Every now and then he wants me to be in sort of a take charge mind set during sex and tie him up to pleasure him.  I find this very difficult, and though I can sometimes get in that mindset and make it fun, sometimes I just can't get the right mood, especially when it is sprung on me suddenly without warning.  I still comply, but it is reluctantly done, which obviously takes away from his enjoyment.  

Animals!  I have been an animal lover forever, and he obviously loves them too.  He has a tank of fish, cichlids, and those are his pets. He does all the care for the fish.   Also, he has Pepper, who is his #2 bitch.  We have 7 dogs (all Australian Shepherds) in total right now.  We also have the sheep, of course, and a cat who lives with them and thinks he's a sheep.  I take care of the dogs, sheep and cat, except for medical stuff.  We used to have chickens and ducks, but haven't had any for the last few years. 

Thank you, those were great questions!


  1. Urine is sterile. 😄

    7 dogs?! Wow are they in the house or kept outside? We have two dogs and a cat...and regularly feel like pulling her own hair out over the mess. But that would just add to daily pile of hair to be swept daily.

    1. They are indoor/outdoor dogs. Some of them are more permanently in the house than others, depending on how well they behave, how old they are etc. But they all go in and out during the day. We have a farm and it is all fenced in, so they can be outside a lot. But there is a LOT of hair and dirt they bring, so I am always sweeping.

  2. Great post. Urine is something we do periodically as well...though I've never loved the taste - it's a necessary act :)

    My question for your Master is can you see a time that you go back to being vanilla-ish? What would you say to your kids if they asked you (when they are older) about your kinkiness?
    My question for you is can you imagine ever going back to being vanilla? How have your D/s choices effected your parenting? I'm greedy. What's your current favorite toys?



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