Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Four Most Hated Words

The four most hated words in this slave's life are simply "You have to fast".

I've had an on and off again sore throat for months and finally this week it got bad enough that Master made me get a doctor's appointment.  It was keeping me up some nights and now and then I'd get a feeling like I was being strangled (not in a fun way) which would pass after a minute.

Yesterday he said I should fast just in case they wanted to draw fasted blood from me this morning.  

My heart sank at those words "You have to fast", but I was proud of myself, that I didn't whine or argue or try to talk him out of it, but simply accepted my no breakfasting fate.  It filled me with dread though, and I worried that it would mean no coffee too.  I am rather pitifully attached to my regular meals, and also my coffee.

Finally last night as we were tucking into bed I asked if I could have coffee in the morning and he said a little bit should be ok.  Then a minute later he told me he didn't think they would bleed me after all and I shouldn't fast.   Much relief filled my mind, I can tell you!

The doctor said all I have is a sinus infection and got me some pills, no biggie.

In other news, in two days Master is leaving for a work conference in Las Vegas.  I'm hoping he has a great time (learning new stuff, getting CE credits!) but I know I will miss him.  I asked this morning if I should leash myself up at night when he's not here and he said yes.    

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