Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Comfortable Being a Slave?

 For March Q/A the first one comes from Misty, thank you!

I think I've read here that you weren't always completely comfortable being a slave (I get the impression this happens to everyone at some point), what are some of the things that helped you be okay with liking what you like and doing what you do? 

One of the main things that helped me get over any doubts I had was talking to other slaves online and finding out they had the same worries and struggles I did.  Or they had different and even more problematic struggles.  Or they had long ago gotten past those things and everything was peachy now.  Any of those options gave my doubts a rest.  

There have been very few times when I doubted my decision to become a slave was the right one.  I can only think of a couple instances, actually.  There were times in the beginning that I seriously doubted whether my Master would want to continue in this lifestyle.  Those were intensely frightening times for me, because I was soooo addicted by then. 

There were more times when I wondered if I was completely fucked in the head for wanting to do the sorts of play that we've done.  Because pain hurts!  But now I consider that this is just who I am. I like the things I like, normal or not, and there are enough people like me that seem just fine so I don't worry about the state of my head just because I'm a masochist.  It took me a full month of almost daily spankings, btw, to even admit that I was a masochist.  It's not something I've always been, or at least not consciously. 

On the same question for my Master, he said he'd think about it and get back to us.


  1. Thanks for your answer!

    I agree that it helps a ton to talk to others, to find that you're not alone--that's been a big one for me.

    And, from reading between the lines here, time and repetition kinda seals it off, or seals it get what I'm saying right? :) I mean, if you aren't really active and if you continuously think your partner doesn't want it, how would you ever find comfort or move forward with it?

    So cool that your Master is thinking about it! Of course, I understand if time doesn't allow him to answer. :)

  2. Yes, time, repetition and asking him, probably too many times, just to be sure.

  3. I read here to be inspired....and you rarely fail me...
    Which came first...the M/s or a vanilla relationship....did you always know you wanted to be in a M/s life style....
    hugs abby


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