Monday, March 21, 2016

Party Night

Before we left home, Master fucked me but didn't let me come.  He teased me on and off all the way there, so I was really desperate. 

It had been a long time (last fall) since we went to a play party.  I was nervous about us not knowing anyone there except for the hostess, but a few days before the party a woman that we'd met at the last one like this messaged me and said she'd be there, so that was a reassurance.  Master had introduced her to floggers and rope like 2 years ago and she was still all excited about that!

On the way there, we stopped at a meeting of the MAsT group that is re-forming. It was pretty lucky that they wrote to me just that day to let me know about it, and also that it was right on our way to the party (a two hour drive!).  It's a very small group, but hopefully it will be fun for us.  We talked about doing a dinner together where the slaves would serve in various ways.  

We arrived at the party early, and spent a few hours socializing and snacking before Master said it was time to head to the dungeon in the basement.  We were the only ones there at first, but people trickled down until we had a large audience.  Still, we were the only ones playing.  I guess it is a good thing I don't mind an audience.  

Master told me to get the cuffs on and undress.  I could not find one of the wrist cuffs in our bag.  I searched and searched, but it was dim in there and everything in the bag is black.  We ended up having to make do with one regular cuff and then the leather strap I was already wearing.  It was lacking a D-ring, but the chain could still go through it and wrap around.   (The missing cuff was buried in the bag, when it should have been in the side pocket, but I didn't find it until the next day).   He also had me get some rope out so he could tie a harness on me. 

Master chained me up to the cross on the wall, and gave me a painful flogging.  He let my have my first orgasm during the flogging-- after so much waiting and teasing it was a good one.  

 He turned me around, put the clover clamps on me and flogged my front- belly and thighs, between my legs.  I was really paranoid about having the chain between the clamps snagged by the flogger!  After a few minutes he put the chain in my mouth so it was tugging tight but a little more out of his way.  He never snagged it!

He took the clamps off, turned me back facing the wall and went even harder with the flogger.  I might have yelped a few times.

 Then he took me down and put me on the massage table.  I sucked his cock with my head over the edge as he whacked me with the misery stick.  Master pulled me on to the floor and fucked me quickly.  Back up to the table for more misery stick.  It was really, really hurting.  He paused to see if I was ok. I was, but it was hurting pretty bad for some reason.   That was about when people started to come downstairs.  I heard from them later that we'd already been down there 40 minutes when they came in.  The really intense part was soon about to start.  

There was the leather paddle, and my favorite, the tire tread paddle.  Master went harder and harder and I began to fall into subspace.  I was also desperately wanting more orgasms.  He just kept telling me to wait.  Then he went back to the misery stick, and the wavy long paddle, and who knows what else.  I just remember his voice counting down from a hundred, pausing at the half way point to tell me I was doing well, that we were halfway there, that my orgasm was building from my toes to my nose... and then him starting back up at a higher number... over and over again we reached the half way point.  He mindfucked me until I didn't know up from down, or anything at all, but was just desperately hoping for sexual release.  Finally, the audience gave my cue (I don't know when or how he told them- I missed that bit) and I had a huge orgasm.  

There was more beating after than, for how long I have no idea.  When he helped me off the table I could barely walk.  I was flying high.  He gave me a blanket and set me in a chair in the other room while he cleaned up everything.  Then we had a long snuggle time while I came down.  Eventually I stopped shivering.

We went back upstairs, but shortly were back down again with our friend and her Dom (from the top of this blog).  Master tied us two together and we made out as we were flogged by both the men.  It was really hot.  Way more hot than painful, and both of us came several times.  

That scene was certainly a happy surprise to all of us!

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