Saturday, March 19, 2016

Kink of the Week: Kidnapping/Captive

Most of my fantasies involve being captive.  It is a necessary part.  Captive. Taken by pirates. In a cell. Tied up. Enslaved.  All these are great fantasy beginnings, not to mention great in reality. 

I would love to try a scene sometime where I'm captured and "forced" to do things by masked men/women.   I wasn't so sure about this sort of thing last year, but this year, I'm thinking I could handle it and it would be really hot.  In part, this has to do with how well both the gang bang and the Hunger Games went at camp.  And part of it is just me getting used to the idea. My Master suggested it several times, but wasn't going to force it on me if I didn't feel ready.

However, to have such a scene you need a good team who wants to do it, and I don't have one of those, so for now it will just be fantasy...



  1. it's a fantasy of mine too, one I'm unsure of truly fulfilling, but a hot fantasy nonetheless

  2. I would certainly love to play out a hunting scene but I think the kidnap thing is not for me in that regard


  3. I agree with needing a good team around you and like you I don't have that and it's unlikely I ever will but that's fine with me, sometimes we need things that are just fantasies.


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