Thursday, March 3, 2016

Question: Doubts and Master

Misty's Question:

It would also be kinda cool if your Master would answer the same question...was he always comfortable liking and doing what he does? If no, what helped change that?

No, he wasn't/isn't always perfectly comfortable with things.  He tends to hide his doubt from me most times because he knows it sends me into a tizzy (his words).  

The things that have helped him the most are going to events, classes and workshops and learning by watching others and listening to them.  In particular he mentioned that Travis (Shaman) has had a lot of influence on his learning and becoming comfortable with all sorts of things: communication, mindfucks, types of play. 

  Master doesn't spend the time online that I do, or get into discussion groups, so for him it is much more about the demo/munch/event learning.

When I asked him, he says that when he has doubts he just muddles through and does it the best way he knows.  Also, he said that talking to me is really helpful, to find out whether what he's doing is working.

I hope I explained well enough here.


  1. Send your Master a special thanks for me, I do appreciate the answer. I know he's busy working, kids, Master-ing and all.

    Well, does it send you into a tizzy? ;) I could see how it might send me into a tizzy, but then again, maybe it would make me feel know he didn't take it lightly...

    Anyway, I'm kinda seeing a comparison here--being around others, time, talking, and repetition. It's interesting though how he found different means than you. Not sure why I find it interesting, lol, we're all different so why would we not find different ways?

    Thank you, ksst, for both posts!

    1. I am somewhat prone to tizzys, yes. :)


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