Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Master Has Been Gone

He's been gone since Saturday, down in Las Vegas having a grand time, I mean learning lots and lots of stuff because it is a conference.  Having some fun too, I imagine.

I have been pretty good here on my own so far.  I've kept very busy. Saturday was our munch, and then I went out to dinner with everyone.  It was a small group, and the topic was restraints that aren't rope.  We've done lots of rope demos, but this was the first one on everything else:  manacles, shackles, cuffs, zip ties, chain, handcuffs, anything else you can use to restrain a person.

During the meeting, Mystique gave me this:

 I have been wearing it most of the time since then.  It feels good. It also comes apart and flips around to act as a quick double hand restraint system.  If needed, you know. 

Sunday and Monday I kept busy.  The weather was great and I had tons of work and errands to finish. I also started jogging/walking outside again.  I have sore legs and a blister to show for that.

  Today, I'm slightly freaking out about him not being here.  I should do some things, but instead I just fret.  

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