Monday, March 14, 2016

It's not even the first of May!

This week I walked and /or jogged 15 miles, mostly walked.  The weather has been beautiful here, way warmer than a normal early March.   Master's foot, which has been sore all winter, is finally feeling better, so this weekend he walked with me. 

Sunday he led me off into the woods, and after we'd climbed a big hill he started looking for a good stick.  I obligingly pulled down my jeans and undies, but winced when I saw the one he had found.  It wasn't the slightest bit smooth, having all kinds of sharp points twigs sticking off of it. And it hurt like that too.   He didn't use it on me for long, maybe ten or twelve times, before continuing our walk.  

We went another 1/4 mile or so back into the woods.  He found a good tree to lean up on and made the familiar gesture.  I got on my knees.  A few minutes later he had me bent over in a three point stance and was fucking me hard.  It felt so good!

One of my favorite spring songs:  First of May.

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