Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tied to the Rafters By My Butt Plug

A few days ago Master laid out some things that he wanted to do with me:

-burn my cunt hairs with the lighter (I had just bought him some new lighters as the old ones had all broken a while ago- he was playing with his toys too hard again, I'm sure).

-tie me stretched out by the butt plug in a predicament bondage situation.

-beat me, of course.

He never says he's definitely going to do something at a particular time in play with me, but he gave all those as possibilities that he wanted to do soon.   

Today he did all that and more.

 He wanted to know why I like the fear.  I don't know that I do like the fear, but I like that he makes me feel it.  It makes me utterly surrendered and HIS when I'm afraid of what he's going to do and yet I am still waiting for it, feeling the fear for him, just because he likes me to.  It is a common aspect of masochism, I guess.  And it makes me wet.

He started the morning drinking his tea as I rubbed his feet.  I was wearing my leather collar and a black slip, and the butt plug he'd ordered me to put in.   When his feet were all happy it was time to give his cock some attention.  He alternated letting me suck him, paddling me with the cutting board and fucking my mouth as he stood in front of me.

He turned me around and had me bend over the counter.  He took me in one great thrust that made me scream, but after just a little bit of making my cunt happy I was back between his feet on my knees.  

He watched some porn, he pulled my hair and bobbed my head for me, and soon he was ordering me upstairs.

He had me lie on my back as he opened up the new lighter pack.   I thought I was ready, but when he got close I covered my face and sobbed/hyperventilated just a little.   He burned off some of the bush.

He tied my arms in front of me, and tied that rope to the rafters on one side of the room.  Then he took the strings on the butt plug and tied them with another rope to rafters on the other side of the room.  He pulled and fiddled until I was stretched out tight, redoing the ropes once to make them easier on my wrists.   Then he put the clover clamps on my nipples in a most painful, twisty way and began to beat my ass with the cane and the back scratcher.   I couldn't move away or forward even an inch without having my ass tugged painfully.

Picture of the rafters, with rope:  

 He got out the Hitachi and held it on my clit, giving me several earth shaking orgasms.  The butt plug cord was pulled tight the whole time. It felt amazing, that stretching, pulling feeling, plus being roped tight in front, ummmph, yes!

Then he took his sharp knife and held it up to my cunt (I thought he was doing that, anyway.  Turned out later it wasn't a knife at all.  He says he is going to have to stop giving away all his secrets!)  But it felt very sharp and ouchy anyway.  I may have dribbled a little.  Ok, I did.
   By the time he untied my hands and had me back up and kneel under the rafter that was attached to my butt, I was a jelly legged, squivering mess.  Squivering is a cross between squirting and quivering.  I'd been crying from when he took the nipple clamps off and the blood and pain rushed in (I think that may have been the longest I've worn them in one go) so I was streaky and snotty too, I'd imagine.  

He had me on my knees, still tied by the plug, sucking him, then he loosened the rope and had me drop down to all fours so he could fuck me.  After much more fucking and orgasms we collapsed in a tangle in the bed.  About 2.5 hours in total.  Whew. I'm sore, but overwhelmingly happy.  I told him he's amazing.  :) 



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