Sunday, March 13, 2016

Master's Answers

For Fiona's Questions:  

 My question for your Master is can you see a time that you go back to being vanilla-ish? What would you say to your kids if they asked you (when they are older) about your kinkiness?

Would I ever give up being kinky?
No. This is one of those strange questions to me. Why would we give it up? Even if circumstances changed dramatically, we would still find ways. Just as we don't give up being married when one of us is away or our kids are sick.

What would I tell my kids if they asked me about it? That we do it because we both enjoy it, and that we love each other very much.

DM, Master of ksst


  1. Hmm wonder if i could convince Master to walk with me...say at least once a week. Instead of the indoor circuit we could go outside...for some fresh air...of course..
    hugs abby

    1. If you live near some woods, could be fun!


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