Friday, March 11, 2016

Yes! Yes! Yes! Wait, no.... and Yes! Again

Master's plane was right on time.  I'd bought a new skirt, and to meet him I  wore that with boots and a red silk button down top.  Nothing underneath.   I wore a jacket just in case I had to get out of the car for some reason because my top left NOTHING to the imagination.  And I brought my towel, as he had instructed.

He drove on the way home and had me read out loud a letter he'd written to me, which started with conference stuff, meandered through politics and then got into sex fantasy territory.   I had written a fantasy story for him too, but I'd sent it on the computer.  Having a paper letter is really special these days, and I have tucked it away in my dresser now.

The drive from the airport to our house is all back roads.  Very shortly my skirt was hiked up above my waist and my top buttons were undone.  When we passed a house with a stop sign, he'd say "Look demure now" and I'd pull my jacket shut.

When we got in the garage he shoved me up against the wall by neck and kissed me.  He undid his pants and I knelt in front of him.  That was a cock that really missed me!  He turned me around and as I gripped the rough, splintery boards of the garage interior he took me right there, bent over, just a quick in and out.

Later that night, he fucked me for the third time of the evening, the second one having been just a few stolen moments in our room after dinner.   

He put the nipple clamps on me, and used the paddle a bit.  As soon as he came he was fast asleep.  I was happily used, happy to have pleased my Master.  And then minutes later I realized that rather than being sated, my desire had only peaked.   I snuggled up to him in THAT way, you know, the one that says "More please Sir?" and he woke long enough to tell me to wait until morning.  

Well, I couldn't sleep.  My brain started doing horrible things to me, tormenting me with unhappy thoughts (this is the "wait, no!" part) and I tried many things to quiet it.  Finally I took my fingernails and raked them over my inner thigh.  That felt good.  Painful. Good.  I knew I was breaking a rule.  Didn't care. I did it again, and it calmed my brain demons enough that I could sleep.  I had bad dreams about having to tell my Master that I broke his rule.  I woke up early and lay quietly so as not to wake him.  I still had more brain demons going on, so I quieted them by repeating my mantra dozens or hundreds of times silently in my head "I am here for his pleasure and his desires, not my own" until I fell back asleep.  

When his alarm went off, he was getting ready to fuck me again, and I told him everything.  He said we would talk later, but for now he meant to have my cunt again.  I had half a dozen, at least, hard orgasms as he humiliated me painfully and used the vibrator on me, and by the time he came, much later, I felt sated.   Content. Except for the fact that I'm a crappy slave who can't follow a simple rule when upset about meaningless, imaginary things in the night.  Except for that, I'm all good.  Anyway, tomorrow is another day.  I'm going all Scarlett O'Hara on this day because I'm just so happy he's home. 

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  1. Effing dark thoughts, it's like the more you try to get out the deeper you go, the darker they get. At least you can take comfort in knowing you have someone to pull you out.

    But, he's home!! Yay!! And he wrote you a letter?! Lucky! Sounds like he missed you just as much as you missed him.


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