Friday, March 28, 2014

A Whole Lot of Fantasy

The last few days I have had a whole series of fantasies floating around in my head.  They are kind of begging to be written, but at the same time, I don't really want to let them out.  They are almost a romantic little treasure floating around half formed.  But if I wrote one down, it would be fully formed, set in print would lose some of the romance of being unformed.  

Most of them involve going on a road trip to visit people and the kinky events that ensue...


Last night it was very good to have Master home again.  We made sweet tender love in the deep of night.  Ok, really, it started sweet but then we got to the good parts of tit-and face-slapping/his fist trying to get in my mouth/hard pounding/spanking sexy good times. 

At 5:00 I was woken up by his alarm, and him telling me to get up.  Before I could move he was on top of me, nudging my legs apart with his knee and entering me, no preamble necessary.

I was reading a thing on Fet yesterday about "How do you set the mood?"   

This is pretty much it.  I'm awake, I'm in the mood.   

Then I got up and made breakfast.

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