Friday, March 14, 2014

Question 14 (set)

Anonymous asks:

Do you have a certain list of daily rules or chores? How controlling is your M when it comes to such daily decisions as dinner menus etc? Is there any rule or expectation that you wouldn't mind getting rid of? 

I do have a daily schedule of chores.  I also have a list of written rules, which I started writing down when they starting getting to be too many for me to quickly name off the top of my head.  

He has me do all the shopping and meal planning, so unless he has a craving for a certain food and tells me, I figure out what we are having and make it.   Right now he's told me he wants a cherry pie, for Pi Day, so in a few minutes I'm heading to the store for ingredients.   All I'm missing is the cherries, and the ice cream.  I also want to make a potato soup sometime soon, so I'll get those too.

The rule or expectation I'd most like to get rid of?   Probably all the phone calls I make, to set up various things for him.  I tend to procrastinate on those the most.   I get nervous about them to an unreasonable degree, not knowing what to say, and afraid  I'll forget important parts of the calls, or get stuck on hold for an hour.

For the most part I feel good about having all the rules and chores clearly laid out for me.  It keeps me organized and from letting the household go to pot.  

Are you happier now in the marriage since becoming M/s, and also is he? How would you describe His personality in general terms? Also, how did you go about getting involved in BDSM Community things?

Yes, we are both happier in our relationship now.  There is much less strife and contention, and I think less hurt feelings too.   His being gone so much is not exactly happy for either of us, but that is a work thing and has nothing to do with M/s.  

His personality in general terms?  That is the hardest question yet.  I'd say he's pretty much your typical boy scout if you take out a couple of the words that don't apply:  He is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind,  cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean.

  He is neither obedient nor reverent in any way, though. 

He is also very intelligent, and has a crazy-good memory for random trivia, facts and poems he learned 30 years ago.

His sense humor tends toward Calvin and Hobbes and Monty Python, bad puns and making up wild stories to entertain people (did you know the Mongols had their horses trained to poop only in one spot to prevent enemies from following the trail of horseshit across the plains).

If you meet him casually he will seem quiet and reserved, and it is only the people who get to know him better who see his more goofy side.  Though you all here have a sneak peak from some of the funny things I relate in the blog.  

He's the kind of person who will show up to his first munch and announce "I'm vanilla", to everyone's shock and horror, including his slave's.   Then later ask a question about what to do when his slave goes non verbal while in subspace.    

Thank you! Great questions!  

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