Sunday, March 9, 2014

Answers: Number Nine. Number nine. Number nine....

 Fiona asks "What does ancilla ksst mean"?  

The second part, ksst, came about when I first joined a BDSM forum website and needed a screen name.  I had just watched the South Park episode "Tsst" where Cesar Milan (cartoon version) comes in and trains Cartman.   It was hilarious; I just loved it.   I'm not a fan of Cesar's methods, but the episode tickled me just right.  (Training fetish, heh).    Anyway, I made a bit of a pun out of that to sound like "kissed".   Tsst is the noise that Cesar uses to correct the dogs on his show.  Which I find a bit ironic since I use the same noise with my dogs to encourage them to bite an angry or stubborn cow or sheep. All a matter of conditioning, I suppose. 

Tsst episode

Short clip of Tsst   if you don't want to see the whole thing.

A few months after that, Master was looking for a nickname for me, and he chose "ancilla" which is Latin for maid or serving girl.  He had me add that to my name.    Serving girl ksst.

Joey asks,
What is your favorite erotic novel? 

I have to say the one that made me most tingly in my bits was The Story of O.  However, as a novel I don't think it is that great, especially the weird ending.  I love some of the specific sex and whipping scenes, and the way he shares her around: HOT. 
For a good novel that is also erotic, I really like The Slave, by Laura Antoniou.  

You have progressed very rapidly since 2011. How does Master develop new experiences for you? Blogs? BDSM community?

He hardly ever reads any blogs, usually only if I point them out to him (sometimes not even then) or happen to be reading them when he comes up behind me.   He participates on Fetlife a little bit, and follows some of the pictures and sometimes gets ideas from our friends that way (kaya!).   But mostly he's learned stuff from our local community, munches and demos, parties and events.  We have been to classes and such, for many play techniques, or he asks other doms to help him learn something, like using two floggers at once.    He lets me play with other doms, in part because he thinks it is fun to watch and also because he always learns things from seeing different ways of playing and how I respond (vs. how some other sub or slave responds).   

He also has a wicked and creative mind, so some of the things he thinks up come out of there, such as mindfucks.  Recently someone asked him to teach a class on doing mindfucks, but he declined, saying there was really nothing to teach, these things just come to him and he doesn't know how to explain.    

Question month is still on, please feel free to ask anything.  I'll answer as long as it is not verboten.
Thank you for all the great questions so far, this is great fun.


  1. Ancilla,

    Thank you. Both of those erotic novels are my favorites. A blogger friend recommended The Story of O. One of my SCONY friends who is good friend of Laura suggested I read the Marketplace. I enjoyed it, but The Slave is my favorite in her series.


  2. Thanks!! I was wondering about ancilla. One of my kids had that as a vocab word in Latin class ;-)



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