Sunday, March 2, 2014

Now THAT is a kink. Crops: KOTW

Ok, so I am a week behind on the kink of the week, but I honestly didn't feel inspired to write about it until yesterday's experience, because it had been a long, long time since I felt Master's crop.

I do (still) have a serious kink for riding crops.   It goes way, way back for me, before I'd even held one or felt one, it was in my imagination.   I used to ride horses quite a bit, but we didn't use crops on them, ever, so I'm not even sure how the idea got started for me.

 I used to have a fantasy of being owned by a Man who always carried a crop and would strike me for any little deviation in deportment or obedience.   Which was a lot at first, but as I got better trained I got hit less.   This was just a fantasy though.

Reality is totally different.  Master doesn't randomly strike me all the time for misbehavior because of my dang masochism.  Being whacked on the ass with a crop (or his hand. or a cutting board) feels more like a reward than a punishment.    "Good slave." WHAP!  

Until yesterday, his crop had been buried in the bottom of the toy bag for many months, replaced in regular use by the canes, the paddles, and some leather spanking toys mainly.   

The first pain toy I went out and bought for him was a crop, and for a while that was the only thing he had besides his hand.   I was super picky in buying that crop too.  Our local farm store only carries two types:  one has a hand shape on the end, and the other has a horse head.  I thought both of those were too goofy looking. I wanted the kind that had the simple plain loop of leather at the tip.  A SERIOUS crop.  Like the one in my fantasy.

  I searched farm stores until I finally found the one I wanted down in Missouri at the Dickey Bub.  (great name, huh?).   I tested them out in the store, swished them around and tapped my leg, then bought it with some embarrassment and hid it in my car so my relatives wouldn't see it.   

When I brought it home, it became a ritual for me to wait, kneeling naked, with the crop in my mouth for him to come and use it on me at bedtime.  

Well, that carefully purchased and treasured crop lasted about 2 months before he broke it on my ass.   I had lost my finickiness over the design, and just ran down to Fleet Farm and got the one with the hand shape on the end.  By then we had a lot more toys, and the crop had lost it's place as the one I held for him.  Now I wait without any toys, and if he wants to use something on me he goes and picks it out from the drawer or toy bag.  

But yesterday he got the crop out, and as I stood wearing my bit and with the reins held tight to keep me from dancing around, he lightly cropped my breasts and face.   My eyes were glazing in pleasure so obviously he even commented on it. 

  See more about cropping here: Kink of the Week

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  1. Great post! I hope i never have one broken on my ass - that would hurt....


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