Friday, March 7, 2014

Answers -Number Eight!

After reading another blogger, Submissive Sanctuary,  I want a re-do on the question about M/s and kids, feeling like I didn't fully answer it.  And since it is my blog, I get do-overs! 

Truth is, I'm not exactly sure how it will all work out in the end, as far as how the kids perceive us and how they turn out, except that we are far more of an old fashioned household as far as who is ultimately in charge, than most others they know. 

 Yeah, they know their Dad is in charge, but they also know that mom won't put up with anything from them either, and Dad will almost always weigh in on mom's side, especially when they try to expect service like Dad gets.   And they have-- much to my shock and chagrin-- said things like "Dad, make mom do.... such and such" but he quickly stomped out that notion- "Ask your mother politely and maybe she will get that for you". 

I want them to be able to function on their own when they grow up, not be waited on hand and foot and expect that.   It always seems to be a balance of helping them, doing things for them, and expecting them to do things on their own, which I guess a lot of parents have as well as us.  

The positive side is that we are a very loving couple, and we get along great.   We are frequently affectionate (without being R rated), holding hands or snuggling on the couch, or me rubbing his back, with the kids around.  I think that is a good positive example to set.    

As far as our relationship with Mystique, to them she is a good friend.  We spend time over there a lot, but they don't know anything of the sex aspect.   She did fall asleep on my lap last night when we were watching TV!   The kids don't seem to see anything unusual about it.  She is more strict with them in terms of behavior than I am.   She doesn't hesitate to tell them to behave, and I'm fine with that.  

New Question!

Anonymous asks:

How did you choose your blog name and what does it mean?

I chose it by agonizing for hours/days over what to call the thing, as one does.   I wanted to clearly explain what the blog was about in a few words.   So it had to have Master and slave in there.   It kind of popped up to me that this particular phrase has a double meaning which I thought was entertaining. 

A slave to Master, in that I am a slave (enslaved) to him.
And also, one must Master a slave, so I am a slave to Master, a slave that needs to be Mastered.    

Thank you!  And please ask more!  Did I mention I have a question fetish?


  1. Thanks for explaining further about the kids. Don't you wonder what they will say about you and your husband as adults? I wish I had that Chrystal ball!!

    So ancilla_ksst...what does that mean???


  2. I think it is good that you are affectionate with each other. My wife and I have always shown affection. It drove her dad crazy. I think it helps children feel secure.


    1. You know, some of my most heart warming memories are watching my parents hug spontaneously or slow dance in the kitchen.

  3. This is a question for you. What is your favorite erotic novel?

    You have progressed very rapidly since 2011. How does Master develop new experiences for you? Blogs? BDSM community?


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