Thursday, March 27, 2014

Just waiting....

...for Master to get home.  He's been gone since early Tuesday morning, which seems like an eternity.   I get to talk to him a few times a day, for a few minutes, but since mostly he's working or sleeping, not much more than that. 

I should probably pick up the kitchen a little bit- it is pretty much a disaster from cooking dinner and with boots and shoes all over the place.   I did the vacuuming and sweeping and cleaned the bathroom earlier.  Yesterday I cleaned Master's bathroom thoroughly.   

Tomorrow is my therapist appointment, and I talked to Master last night about what I was going to say right at first.  He even had me write it down in case I get tongue tied.  I can just give the person the note.  I really am the worst at this talking to strangers about personal stuff.   Too bad I can't just have them read my blog.  I feel more like I'm going to be on trial than I'm going to have them help me.   Argh.   I worry about stuff too much. 


  1. good luck with the therapist xxx

  2. Good luck. From my own experience, talking to a therapist is terrifying but then it gets better. Just be honest.

    And for the record, I did the whole writing-it-out thing on the intake papers. I added about two handwritten pages.

    1. It is so much easier for me to write than talk. I might do that too. I already have a little chart written out to help me.


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