Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bad Orgasm

Bad Orgasm
Can there be such a thing?  Yes, if Master tortures you while forcing you to cum!

Today, after some really hot morning sex, and apropos of nothing, little slave girl said to Master, "I know what your thinking about now!"

I looked at her with bemusement, so she continued, "You're thinking about blowing on my tummy!"

As you all know this is something I love, and she hates.  I replied that I wasn't thinking about it then, but now I was, but this time it was going to be interesting.  I know about ksst's desire to service multiple cocks at the same time.  Not even men, or guys, just their cocks; to be surrounded by hard cocks, demanding her attention, and getting them off in in all her holes, their cum splattering ksst's face, tits, and belly.  I proceded to describe ksst tied on her back on a spanking bench, surrounded by hard cocks, covered and dripping with cum, and  forced to get them off, but not allowed to cum until someone blew on her tummy.  "What do you think of that?"  I asked.  "Whatever Master wants."  she replied, but I looked at her face and just laughed.  The shock and horror were clearly visible.

"I can make you cum when someone blows on your tummy."  I now asserted.  "I can make that your trigger!"  Then I started giving ksst the hand sign to orgasm while nibbling on her nipples.  The jutted hard from her chest, and she  had a huge orgasm.  See, I said, a huge orgasm while I was blowing on your tummy!  Foolishly, little ksst replied, "But you didn't blow on my tummy."  I took this as a further challenge and began sucking on her tits and nipples, nibbling on her tummy, and licking her navel without blowing while giving ksst the hand signal to orgasm over and over again.  You want to be a pirate princess?  I asked, well after being fucked by the entire crew, they all get to blow on your tummy.  "Count the tummy blows!"  and he blew 4 times on my stomach in rapid succession.  Only 200 crewmen I chortled.  196 tummy blows to go!

ksst was now seriously squirming and wiggling, but I had ordered her to hold on to the headboard's spindles, so she was helpless.  Finally, I nibbled and kissed all around her belly button while she wiggled and moaned starting, but not completing, the signal to orgasm.  With a huge raspberry on her belly, I closed my fist triggering an orgasm that lasted almost a minute.  A bad orgasm.



  1. oh I love it when he's mean too! am intrigue re the hand signal for orgasm - how does that work? was it hard to train to it?

    we use a count down often, but occasionally I'll still be late or worse, early :(

    1. He started my training to orgasm on command with two primary signals which are also prompts (turn ons), as well as the vibrator on my clit, so I had everything I needed to cum as much as he wanted to make me. The primary signals gradually were faded (see articles on fading signals) to just one hand gesture. He can always step it back up if I need extra reinforcement... (the prompt) which sometimes I do. I'll look up an article on fading...yes I know it is about dogs, but training is training.

  2. well, dogs are mammals and hierarchical pack animals at that so really very similar to humans, and many behavioural techniques that are useful with children are very similar to those you would use with horses or dogs.
    thank you for that, I'll peruse that article with interest!


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